Ayse Hitchins

Telephone And Online Counselling


Receipt Provided For Insurance Purposes Or Direct Billing May Be Possible

Thank you for submitting your information for our Telephone / Online Counselling services. A highly experienced and registered counsellor will contact you shortly to confirm your Preferred Appointment date and time.
Please see instructions below to make your payment.

Please pay by eTransfer 

55 Minutes of Counselling $120  

Please make your payment direct by eTransfer to drodrigues@pccs.ca. In the eTransfer note section, please ensure to put the name of person who is using this session.

Credit Card Payment 

55 Minutes of Counselling $120

Please note, if you prefer this method of payment the counsellor will take your credit card and process payment at the beginning of counselling session.

Next Step: The counsellor will confirm your preferred appointment date and time by email or telephone. Thank you for selecting us.

Private and confidential telephone or online counselling session.

Call From Home / Office

Call From Cell Phone

Call From Online

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